Part-is-sin Poly-tics

Politics. It’s hidden right in the word, isn’t it? Poly – meaning many – and tics: bloodsucking parasites. Politics means Many Bloodsucking Parasites. Obscured in plain sight from the masses forever, we have been duped into thinking that politics are something altogether different: something worthy of our attention, our love, our life savings.

Many Bloodsucking Parasites.

Our political system has been coursing through our veins for so long, we aren’t even aware of our Patriotic Lyme Disease. We think the Bloodsucking Parasites will fix everything for us: better education, better jobs, more freedom. But folks, how can the platitude of Bloodsucking Parasites accomplish this feat? Is progress possible in the current design?

Surely our government needs an overhaul, but as long as the parties remain intact – an essential element of the parasitic life – we will never achieve what Our Country deserves: Freedom and Responsibility.

Right now the Parasites are ensuring that our freedoms are not impinged upon. They feed us toxic rhetoric, and suck out the marrows of our backbone. We believe in the parasitic scam. It is unpatriotic to deny the value of that which gets it’s life from our blood.

Many people would die for this country. The sad thing is, Our Country is currently killing us with poly-tics. Our entire Poly-tic-(all) system is based on polarization. We are taught to pick sides, but only those who choose a side ever lose. The problem isn’t ‘part-is-sin’. We are told the ‘part’ just needs to be changed – like the alternator in our car – to correct the impropriety of the other ‘party’. There is a line out the door just to pay for all that bunting.

For a time, we feel the good about change. Then the love affair wears off. I firmly believe if you are still happy with any President 2 years after taking office, you simply aren’t paying attention. Besides, discourse is the addicting part of Patriotic Lyme disease. To keep things moving, alliances must be formed: If you show your leanings, you show your ignorance. If you change your leanings, you show your pliability. Either way, the system is going to take advantage of you. It doesn’t matter which side you choose, you are a cog in the ‘divide and conquer’ governmental spin.

There is no room for those who aren’t passion-ate about their Poly-tics. The dis-ease is in your blood the moment you choose a side. The Poly-tic-all System doesn’t allow for partial participants. It thrives on venom. Polarity grows out of venom like weeds. The weeds feed on the soil which formerly fertilized the food we used to eat.

If you are pissed off, you have every right to be. So go ahead: pick a side, then get involved.

Our involvement creates a vital instrument for the system. Our tennis-elbow voting arms are subsequently used to shame anyone who prefers ‘Lifetime’ to lever-pulling. The registration of our political leanings are used to create pride in being part of Our Great American Heritage: Divide and conquer. Ironically, the wheels of Our Government only turn when citizens remain polarized.

This is, after all, a noble cause. It is The American Way.

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